Canning Production Line

Siddiqsons Tinplate PvtLTd

Canning Division

Production Lines

(Production Line)

1. 16Kg/Ltrs Production Line. 

2. 5/2.5 Kg/Ltrs, Small Packs

(Production Capacity

(Production Capacity Qty 6000 Cans in 8 Hours Shift

(Production Capacity Qty 9000 Cans in 8 Hours Shift)

16Kg/Ltrs Machines:-

1. Slitter (Cutting as per Requirement)

2. Bottom Press Machine

3. Seam welding (Joints/Weld of Cans)

4. Body Former

5. Embosing Machine

6. Flangers

7. Bottom Seamer

8. Top Seamer

9. Water Testing (leakage)

10. Spot Welding

2.5-5 Kg /Ltrs Machines:-

1. Slitter Machine (Cutting as per Requirement)

2. Bottom Press machine

3. Lining Compound machine and Gas Oven

4. Hole Machine For Top

5. Aluminum Foil Press

6. Clamping Machine for Aluminum Foil

7. Body Roler Machine

8. Seam welding Machine (Joints/Weld of Cans)

9. Power Flanger Machine

10. Seamer Machine

11. Beading Machine

12. Light Test (leakage/ Pin hole)

13. Conveyer Belt Machine

14. Spot Welidng Press

15. Clip Press machine

16. Lid Fixing/Press Machine

Siddiqsons Tinplate Pvt Ltd

Canning Division

Quality Control Method

1. Tinplate procurement as per standard of Brand and Requirement.

2. Tinplate Weight/Gauges/MM checking.

3. Maintain Quality standard of Printing as per requirement of Customers.

4. Observation of cans on Seam welding/ Flanger ,seamer body hook process.

5. 16 Kg/ Ltr leakage testing on water.

6. 2.5/5 Kg Ltr leakage testing on light testing.

7. Weight observation of cans as per contract and standard

Safety & Hygiene

1. Proper Fire Fighting System is installed in factory premises.

2. Proper Hand Sanitizing checking.

3. Hand Gloves are used for worker’s safety and others

4. Emergency Medical Kit is available for Emergency

5. Tinplate is covered with Plastic sheet at all time to Prevent from Air Exposure.

6. Cans are stored in Plastic cover/Boxes

7. In-house park for recreational activities for staff and worker


1. Food Grade Certificate from Siddiqsons Tinplate Ltd.

2. PSQCA Licensed Holder.

3. Temper Meter Certificate

4. Micro Meter Certificate.

5. Weight Scale Certificate

Canning Customers

1. Shujabad Agro.

2. Oil World Pvt Limited.

3. IFFCO Pakistan

4. Pacific Oil Mill.

5. Unity Food